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Industrial Manufacturing of Confectionery Products

To give students an insight into how the industry makes confectioneries, FNS organized a seminar in collaboration with Mayfair Pakistan Pvt. Ltd.

The purpose of the seminar was to equip the students with basic knowledge on how the industry works and what are the food safety requirements for industrial production of confectionery items. 

Fig.1: Mr. Khadim Hussain from Mayfair Pakistan speaking at Confectionary

Fig.2: Seminar arranged in Amphitheatre Biosciences Department with 200+ audience members

The seminar started with a recitation of the Holy Quran. After that, the honorable guest speaker Mr. Khadim Hussain  was invited for a presentation. He  is currently serving as the QA/QC manager of the Asian Food Industry, Pakistan.


He started the presentation by explaining the use of confectionery in Pakistan and the role of Mayfair in Pakistan’s confectionery industry.


Fig. 3: Screenshot showing official certifications of Mayfair, Pakistan

The virtual presentation included the following information:

1.    The importance of site of the industry and specific security check points to consider during manufacturing

2.   Highlights the importance of different storage sites for pickup and drop off unit for raw material and finished products

3.       Virtual tour of the industry to help students understand the machinery placements

4.       Operations followed to ensure food safety: FSSC, BRC, ISO-9000, ISO-22000 certifications

After making the audience understand how these Certified Programs help identify Critical Control Points (CCPs) in the production, Mr. Khadim Hussain also explained some of these CCPs. Smooth processing of these CCPs make the foundation of customer satisfaction. For example: 

·       The raw materials are screened through a metal detector at the reception to eliminate physical     hazards

·         Air incorporation allows clean air only to avoid contamination

·         Clean and RO treated water is used in Processing, Cleaning, and any other manufacturing proce 

The speaker also discussed the importance of the Cooking and Freezing Temperatures, line changeover to avoid allergen contamination in non-allergen products, allergen control, and prevention of cross contamination.

Moreover, the speaker shed light on how Mayfair ensures proper labeling, packaging and transport of finished product. The industry practices ‘Product recall’ to ensure product uniformity and consumer protection.

Then a 10-minute long video was shown that exhibited how the manufacturing of candies and other confectionaries is carried out.

The steps included material cleaning, Recipe feeding in the machinery, Cooking, Tempering, Dough making, Centre filling (in centrally filled candies)/Sorting and cooling for other products, packaging, and Transportation.

At the end of the video, the speaker highlighted the importance of the sanitation requirements of the factory workers.  Mayfair stands out in the confectionery industry because of its thorough food safety protocols.

As the presentation of the Guest speaker ended, an interactive Question-Answer session was conducted during which Mr. Khadim Hussain answered the queries of the attendees.

Fig. 4: Focal person of FNS along with audience member

By the end of the Seminar, the Head of the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition Dr. Sana Ullah Iqbal was called on stage to share his thoughts about the seminar.

He appreciated FNS’ efforts in arranging such educating seminars. He was impressed by the speaker’s presentation and encouraged students to find career prospects in industries like Mayfair.  He also presented “Certificate of Appreciation” to our guest speaker.

Fig. 5: Dr. Sana Ullah presenting certificate of appreciation to Guest Speaker

Key Takeaways from the seminar:

·         Mayfair Pakistan is a household name that manufactures a variety of confectionary products in Pakistan.

·         Industrial production of Candies and Confectioneries requires expertise and innovations.

·         Each type of confectionery requires a different manufacturing process.

·         The industry meticulously takes care of the CCPs to ensure product safety.

·         To understand the dynamics of industrial production, one has to understand the technology and sanitation requirements.

·         Allergens must be kept away from non-allergens and the production lines must be cleaned before or after running an allergen food through it.

·         Any product that is temperature-sensitive is rapidly boiled and then cooled down to prevent textural-changes.

·        Despite popular belief high-profile brands like Mayfair Pakistan make sure there is no faulty labeling, packaging, and production to reach maximum consumer satisfaction.

Fig. 6: FNS Cabinet Member

Written by :  Abeeha Saleem