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To pertain the inner knowledge about inner atmosphere and industrial acquaintances, a visit to Six-B Food Industries, Sundar Industrial Estate, Lahore was organized by the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition on 11 December 2021. A group of 75 students from the 5th semester got an opportunity to learn the unit operations and processing of different beverages. This visit was accompanied by faculty members Dr. Sanaullah Iqbal, Dr. Muhammad Sohaib, and Dr. Muhammad Shahbaz of the Food and Human Nutrition Department.


We started our journey from UVAS, Lahore where all students gathered at 9: 30am. The whole journey was cheerful as all students were excited. We arrived at the industrial site at 10:30 am and were given a warm welcome by the owner and employees. The students were divided into three groups. Each group was led by a member of staff who elucidated the processing of beverages. We were taken to the juice processing section of beverages. 


At the onset, the officials explained to the students in brief about the raw materials and their unit operations along with the packaging. This provided the opportunity to engage in an active learning experience outside the class. It gave the right perspective of what is disseminated in classrooms. We were escorted to the section where carbonated drinks were being processed. It gave the practical exposure to understand the theory. It helped us in understanding the whole process from raw materials to packaging.

In addition, the officials helped the students to understand the intricacies of different sections of beverages including energy drinks, carbonated drinks, and fruit juices. We gained first-hand knowledge of food industry practices which enhanced active learning.

It provided us the chance to meet industry professionals who guided us for a professional career. This also provided the opportunity to meet the entrepreneurs who told us about the whole career journey and actively motivated the students. They also aimed to offer internships and jobs. Afterward, were served with appetizing lunch. They also offered us their different products such as chocolates and soft drinks. All students were pleasing hosted by the industry. We were bid goodbye by the officials with contented hearts.